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School Correspondences

Published Sept 11th 2014

Dear Parents,

From September 2014, we will be starting our process Staff Evaluation. We have already identified areas of significant strengths in our school. Our attainment levels in literacy one is above the national norms, pupils read with fluency (due to visits to library, D.E.A.R. time and a focus oral reading analysis and display very positive attitudes towards all aspects of literacy. All teachers have attended professional development in some aspect of Literacy this year. Pupils are also exposed to a well variety of reading levels.
The teaching staff have identified a number of areas for improvement. The teaching of the writing process needs to be further developed throughout the school. Grammar, spelling and punctuation need attention. We also endeavour to teach the various writing genres.

Examples of these include:

  • Narrative writing e.g. stories, tales, plays etc,
  • Procedural writing e.g. instructions on how to operate things ie games
  • Explanation writing e.g. why things happen
  • Report writing e.g. newspapers, magazines
  • Persuasive writing e.g. give a point of view, argue a case
  • Poetry writing
  • Recounts – diaries, letters, eye witness accounts.




David Sammon

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