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Anti-Bullying Policy

1. Every pupil has the right to enjoy his/her time in Kells Parochial National School, free from bullying.

2. Our school will not tolerate any unkind actions or remarks, even if these were not meant or hurt.

3. Pupils should support each other by reporting all instances of bullying

4. Bullying is regarded as a very serious matter; no child has a right to strike another, even in “self-defence”.

It is made clear to pupils that when they report incidents of bullying they are not telling tales but are behaving responsibly. It is important to counteract a culture which may associate “telling” with “informing”. Encouraging a child to hit back is a mistake because it does not address the reasons for the bullying behaviour and it could also result in a child being seriously hurt if the bully is more adept at fighting.


Bullying is repeated aggression, either verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or groups against others. Isolated incidents of aggressive behaviour which should not be condoned cannot be described as bullying.

It may manifest itself in many forms such as physical aggression, damage to property, extortion, intimidation, isolation, name-calling and “slagging”.At the centre of our school’s response to bullying is the continued development of a positive school climate which focuses on respect for the individual. It is an important element of school policy to raise the awareness of bullying as a form of unacceptable behaviour.

Procedures for Noting and reporting an Incident of Bullying Behaviour

1. All incidents of bullying, no matter how trivial, will be investigated and dealt with by the teachers.

2. Serious cases of bullying behaviour by pupils should be referred immediately to the principal.

3. Those involved will be interviewed individually and then collectively.

4. Communication with parents will be necessary if misbehaviour continues.

5. Teachers will keep a written record of all serious incidents of misbehaviour.

6. The Board of Management will be notified and the Chairperson will meet with the parents of the offender.

7. The Principal will contact the parents of the victim

8. If the misbehaviour continues the bully will be suspended.

9. All communications will be in writing and copied, and all meetings will be held in the school.

10. Every effort will be made to have an emotionally disturbed child referred for psychological assessment without delay. A copy of this policy will be made available to all parents. The policy will be reviewed as occasion demands. Random surveys will continue to be used to ascertain the effectiveness of this policy.

Please refer to our Anti-Bullying Policy for a more detailed and in-depth version, which is available at the school.



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