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Positive Behaviour

Guidelines For Positive Behavior

From when a child enters school, a level of behaviour is expected which conforms to the aims of the school and its rules.

Pupils are expected to be kind and helpful towards each other, in particular to smaller, younger, or new pupils at all times.

Once a child enters the school grounds in the morning, he/she may not leave again during the school day, without the principal’s permission.

The use of bad language is strongly discouraged at all times. If caught using bad language after a warning, a pupil will not be considered fit company for others and will be kept by himself/herself until he/she promises not to use such words. at school.
Pupils are expected to be courteous to visitors. If responsible for any damage to school property, pupils will pay the repair bill (preferably from their own pocket money)

Any sources of potential danger or nuisance, such as toy guns, pen-knives, ipods, noisy toys or games are not to be brought to the school.

All books, uniforms, coats, lunch-boxes, etc., should be clearly marked with owner’s name.

Parents are requested to check their children’s hair regularly for evidence of head lice, and if any are found, this should be reported to the teacher. Parents are requested to report any serious allergy or illness, such as asthma. Pupils are expected to show respect for all school property, and to keep the school environment clean and litter free.

Pupils are expected to take pride in their appearance, to have all required books, pens, pencils, etc, and to have them in the right place at the right time.

Pupils are expected to obey a teacher’s instructions, to work to the best of their ability and to present assignments neatly.

Pupils are expected to attend every day, unless there is a genuine reason for absence, in which case, the school must be informed in writing, stating the reason for absence, as required by Ed Welfare Act 2000.

It should be noted that where sanctions for bad behaviour are
implemented, It is the behaviour that is rejected, and not the child.

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