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School Safety


Board of Management,
Kells Parochial National School.
Roll No: 05062A

The Board of Management of Kells Parochial National School is committed to protecting the safety, health and welfare of all its pupils, employees, voluntary workers and visitors to the school property insofar as it is reasonably practicable.

To fulfill this commitment we undertake to

  • identify,
  • evaluate,
  • eliminate or
  • control all hazards,

which present themselves on school property. 

To assist us in this we propose;

(1) To periodically examine school property and assess all risks identified. We undertake to keep written records of these assessments.

(2) To provide and maintain a safe system of work for all employees and voluntary having regard to our statutory requirements.

(3) To encourage and integrate a climate of safety and health into all our school work and activities.

(4) To review our safety policy frequently taking into consideration changes and developments which may create additional risks to safety and health.

(5) To regularly consult with employees, voluntary workers and school committees on safety and health matters.

(6) When required, to seek and obtain competent/expert advice on safety and health issues.

(7) To provide as far as is reasonable the resources of time, personnel and finance necessary to fulfill the risk improvements required by the safety policy of the school.

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